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Monir El Azzouzi

Easy Medical Device

Monir El Azzouzi is a Medical Device Expert specialised in Quality and Regulatory affairs. After obtaining his Biomedical Engineering degree and working for multiple big companies as Bausch+Lomb, Aesculap, Johnson & Johnson, he decided to transition to be able to support more medical device manufacturers and employees.

He has created Easy Medical Device which is a company that is sharing knowledge through podcasting, blogging and video creation. But also teaching with programs like the Green Belt Certificate for EU MDR.

Easy Medical Device is also a consulting firm where Monir is supporting medical device manufacturers on their challenges for CE Marking, FDA registration, creation of Clinical Evaluation Reports, Internal audits...

Amongs that, this company is helping also to build agreements with authorized representatives in Europe and the UK.

Monir El Azzouzi wants to create Easy Medical Device as a 1 stop shop for any service to Medical Device manufacturers. So don't hesitate to contact him to introduce your project.

Monir El Azzouzi
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