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About e-IMDS



“Affordable, quality training.”


Our team seeks to set up a quality, one-stop portal where content has been vetted by professionals with years of experience on their belt. Only after meeting the high standards set by the expert panel does the content make it onto our platform. This will establish a quality brand which will set us apart from other training providers which will in turn, attract more content creators and students to join us.


              Pain point:  “Mountain of content, where to begin my training?”


Currently, there are many trainings/webinars/workshops both online and offline to provide training on medical device product life cycle knowledge. However, a common and major pain point heard from both individuals and organizations is that there is no reliable one-stop training portal. With the amount of trainings available, it is tedious for any one person to sieve through the different trainings.

e-IMDS Quality Control Panel
(in alphabetical order)

Aishwarya Bandla.jpg

Aishwarya Bandla

Principal Investigator & Head of Translational Core

Chris Hardesty.png

Chris Hardesty

Healthcare & Life Sciences Director, KPMG

Colin Tan.png

Colin Tan

Chief Operating Officer, Endomaster

Encey Yao.png

Encey Yao

Regulatory Manager, Qritive Pte. Ltd.

Gordon Xiong.png

Gordon Xiong

Laboratory Manager / Research Scientist
National University of Singapore

Jack Wong Pic.JPG


Founder of ARPA

(Asia Regulatory Professional Association)

James Chan.png

James Chan 

 RAQA Manager,
Varian Medical Systems


Jing Lim

Chief Technology Officer, Osteopore International Pte Ltd


Jonathan Loo

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Lead, Medtronic


Kenneth CHeong

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Manager, South East Asia, ConvaTec


May Ng

Global Director, ARQon Asia Regulatory & Quality Consultancy

victor tan.jpg

Victor Tan

Regional QA Manager, Teleflex

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