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Do I need to pay for all online courses?

  • Yes. All courses are to be paid, however the prices are at a discount.

I have payment for a course(s). When can I start accessing it?

  • Access to any paid course is given immediately once payment is completed. If payment is done via Paypal/Stripe, you should be redirected back to a “Thank you for your payment.” page, as confirmation of your successful purchase. You should see from your Dashboard under the "My Courses" to start the course.

I did not receive any receipts for my purchases.

  • All purchase related emails will be sent to your account email address. Purchase confirmation emails will not be sent to any other address. However, in the event that your Paypal ID is different from your account email, you may receive an additional notification email from Paypal. Please also check the spam/junk folder of your email, in case our emails have inadvertently ended up there.


Is there a time limit to completing the course?

  • Unless explicitly specified in the course main page, there will not be any time limit or deadline for you to complete the enrolled course.

Is there a time limit to completing the course? Can I still access the course materials and for how long?

  • There is no time limit to completing the course. You can still access the course materials for a period of at least 3 months after successful course completion

Do courses have certificates upon completion?

  • Yes, upon completing the online course videos, there would a short quiz about the course contents, upon completing the short quiz, a certificate would automatically generated and send to your email.


I need further assistance.

  • Feel free to contact us via the 'Contact Us' at the top of the page or by clicking here

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