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International Medical Device School (IMDS)
Speaker/Panelist Manual and Agreement

1. Dates & Deadlines


All speakers MUST adhere to the dates and deadlines set in this schedule! Set reminders to help yourself remember when specific items are due.​ 

  • Share presentation slides for your session by the date specified by IMDS coordinator. If need more time, please inform the IMDS coordinator.   

2. Copyright & Agreement


I grant to IMDS a royalty-free license to record and distribute my presentations (including video, audio, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations) as part of IMDS Playback and free virtual conference archived offerings, with appropriate attribution to me. I understand that I retain copyright ownership of the content of my presentation and that the grant of this license does not prohibit me from using my presentation in any way or from allowing others to use it. 


I represent and warrant that my presentations do not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others (including any copyright, trademark and privacy rights), is factually accurate, and contains nothing defamatory or otherwise unlawful. I have the full authority to enter into this agreement and have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any individuals or organizations whose material is included or used in my presentation. 


3. Code of Conduct & Rules

I agree to abide by the IMDS Code of Conduct. During my presentation(s), I will not engage in any type of promotional marketing or selling of any product or service. I will not disparage IMDS in any way, whether online or in person. 


I authorize IMDS to use my name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the program. 


I agree to notify the IMDS for Event Organizers immediately in the event that an emergency should prevent me from meeting my obligation as a session speaker or as a panelist. Thank you! 

If you have any questions, please contact us or at For more info about IMDS, please visit our website ( 


Thank you again for being a part of this virtual event. ​We cannot serve attendees without your expertise, experience, and contributions.

dats & deadlines
code of conduct

Speaker Agreement

After reading the Speaker Agreement above, please fill out the following form to accept the terms and guidelines outlined in the Speaker Manual.

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